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Points to remember after a Webinar - Business Hangouts

Post Webinar Strategies

When the webinar ends, the real marketing begins.  Webinars provide invaluable information about your individual attendees. Take the time to put together a strategy to maximize sales with post-webinar communication. The First 24 Hours Your webinar is over and your attendees have logged off.  While the live event has finished, you need to keep theRead More »

Hacking Webinars – Unlock Your Potential

Hacking Webinars – Unlock Your Potential

  Nothing will ever top the excitement of a live webinar. Pre-recorded webinars won’t do the trick, you need to get the audience excited if you are going to convert them.  A live webinar naturally converts registrants to attendees.  Reaching out to your audience live will build a strong relationship and help drive conversions.  NoRead More »

10 Tips to Improve Webinar Attendance

10 Webinar Tips to Improve Attendance

More and more people are using online resources to learn and exchange information. Across all topics, industries and sponsors, one data point is abundantly clear – webinar attendance rates are consistently growing. Half of all people who register for webinars actually attend them. The average swing is about 40-60 percent.  If you’re hitting below 40%Read More »

Working Remotely during the Holidays

Working Remotely during the Holidays

Employers and their employees alike can benefit from remote employment. Remote employment allows the employee to avoid the stress, effort, and cost of traveling to and from an office while also allowing the employer to avoid paying for that office space. As of 2015, more than one third of all employees work remotely at leastRead More »

Product Release Announcement – Business Hangouts v2.0

Business Hangouts will be releasing version 2.0 of our popular web conferencing and webinar platform on Wednesday, December 14, 2016. Here is what you should expect: New Planner User Interface Step by Step Event Creation – We have surfaced many of the best features in Business Hangouts in an easy to use step by stepRead More »

How to Deliver Effective Live Video Content

How to Deliver Effective Live Video Content

  We have put together a few basic tips which will help you deliver effective video content to your users.  Video streaming is one of the most effective ways to engage your audience in virtually any business vertical. Strong Internet Connection When you record a video, you don’t have to worry about your internet connection.Read More »

Important updates to Business Hangouts live streaming features

Important Updates to Business Hangouts Live Streaming Features

Important updates to Business Hangouts live streaming features  As you may have heard Google has made a few important changes to Hangouts on Air and YouTube.  Hangouts on Air will still be available but will be removed from Google+.  This means that instead of using Hangouts on Air to broadcast video, you will now needRead More »